Candid Conversations is a podcast where we talk to family planning and reproductive health champions from around the globe and take a deep dive into current topics in family planning and reproductive health, as well as the personal journeys of our champions, the challenges they’ve faced, what excites them about the future and some advice for other up and coming leaders.

Our Goals:

  • Highlight the new generation of family planning leaders and the trailblazing work they are doing
  • Discuss the challenges youth face starting new programs and managing existing projects
  • Give a youth perspective on the needs of youth and the changing reproductive health landscape

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Episode 12: Sex, Narratives, Choice: Where Do I Fit In?

In this episode, we will hear from Barwani Msiska and Nissily Mushani on their 2021 Ingenuity Fund project: Sex, Narratives, Choice: Where Do I Fit In? The project will test a tailored skills-based pleasure positive and safe sex comprehensive sexuality education and storytelling for impact intervention for vulnerable and high-risk adolescent girls and young women aged 15-25 years.

Episode 11: The Power of Grassroots Community-Driven CSE

2021 Ingenuity Fund Winner Maia Freudenberger discusses her project: Harnessing Collaborative Filmmaking to Advance Projet Jeune Leader’s “Positive Disruptions” in Sexuality Education in Madagascar. Using an innovative, participatory research methodology called Collaborative Filmmaking, this project will shine a light on the “positive disruptions” of young adult Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) educators in Madagascar to address a global knowledge gap about influencing public support for comprehensive sexuality education.

Episode 10: Taking FP Closer to Female Sex Workers

In this episode, we will hear from 2021 Ingenuity Fund Winner Simon Manga and his project: “Use of Peer-Leaders to Overcome Barriers to Family Planning Access and Usage among Female Sex Workers.” The overreaching goal of this project is to develop a model that will overcome FP usage and access barriers for Female Sex Workers (FSWs).

Episode 8: Analyzing Need for SRH Resources from TikTok to Menstrual Health and Beyond

2020 Ingenuity Fund Winners Alison Hoover and Andrea DeMaria along with her colleague Dr. Laura Schwab Reese discuss TikTok for SRH information, dignity packs for persons experiencing homelessness, elevating youth voices, the other half of reproduction, and more.

Episode 7: Linking Underserved Populations to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

2020 Ingenuity Fund Winners Margaret Bolaji, Adebisi Adenipekun, and NkasiObim Nebo discuss their winning project and dive into their experience as 120 Under 40 winners, elevating youth voices, and the impacts of COVID-19 on their personal and professional lives.

Episode 6: Giving the Gift of Sex Education

Award-Winning Sex Educator June Low from Malaysia discusses censorship, the impact of abstinence-based sex education, teaching of teachers, her 2020 Ingenuity Fund project, and more.

Episode 5: Making stronger more effective organizations and programs

120 Under 40 winners – Patrick Segawa from Uganda and Abu Sayed Hasan from Bangladesh, share their tips on how to prepare yourself, your organization, and your projects for success.

Episode 4: The power of entertainment, mentorship and being yourself

Artists and advocates William Otuck and Joshua Dilawar chat about the challenges they face using art for advocacy, nurturing young people and their vision for the future of family planning. Check out Otuck’s Family Planning song here:

Episode 3: Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

Talent Jumo from Zimbabwe and Jacqueline Ngong from Cameroon – chat about activism, feminism and inspiring change at a community level

Episode 1: Unconventional ideas, start-ups, and being bolder

Welcome to our premiere episode of Candid Conversations! This episode’s guests are 120 Under 40 & Ingenuity Fund Winners – Laraib Abid and Peter Ngure who will share their winning projects, what sparked the idea, the challenges they’ve faced and how youth can continue to make a difference in their communities.




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